It was a night to remember for both performers and the audience alike; all bands had a wonderful time on stage entertaining the crowd of an approximate total of 1200 people on 7 Feb 2015. 

There was plenty of singing, fun grooving and laughter in the evening as families gathered around in the evening for a relaxing day out. Many sat down to enjoy the music with the delicious food from our kind vendors with their loved ones. 

Later in the evening the atmosphere started to heat up with the infectious energy from our guest performers. Baracuda Batucada brought a vibrant show with their strong choreography and music, after which Bantus Capoeira Singapore put on a stunning display of various Brazilian Dances as well as Capoeira and Maculele. 

New Stream Brass Band then introduced some melody into the line-up with catchy tunes and irresistible rhythms that had the audience echoing along. Sambiesta continued to pick up the pace on the melodic front with their pop- infused Samba Music. 

Sambiesta performing one of their pop mash-up pieces.

Sambiesta performing one of their pop mash-up pieces.

Lastly, Samba Masala came back on for the night show to end off with a bang, rather literally. The crowd went wild and the party was marked with dancing and cheers for the rest of the night.


Samba Masala would like to extend our thanks to all our kindest Guests of Honour, sponsors, school, guest bands, instructors and all participants for seeing us through this event. We are massively thankful for all that you have done and it is with your support that this pioneer event was such a huge success. 
It has been and always will be a great pleasure to perform for everyone, and we look forward to the next opportunity for us all to celebrate the Samba spirit together, in music and in dance. 

Photo Credits to Cyril Ting and Qiu Yunfei.

AuthorSamba Masala