On a rainy Deepavali afternoon (22nd October), amongst the rolling hills of the Istana, tourists and locals alike felt themselves being drawn to the sounds of Samba Masala resonating throughout the quiet greenery. The pounding of the drums brought life to the sleepy crowds visiting the grounds, so much so that the downpour came to a halt as soon as we finished our first set.

Dramatics aside – Samba Masala indeed got the chance to perform on the prestigious Istana, collaborating with Community Chest Singapore no less. With a thunderous three-set performance, we got the visitors hyped up, on their feet and deeply curious about our art form. Not to mention, many of them got a chance to try it out for themselves!

We definitely had a fantastic time with the crowd, spreading some Samba love around our festive sunny island. We got some of that love back, and made quite a buzz on the papers as well as televised News. ;) 

Once again we thank you all for the support and a shout out to our newly gained fans!

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