On 28 July 2013, Sunday, Singapore Management University’s (SMU) Samba Masala will be embarking on the band’s 3rd installment of its trademark tour in a 1 day, 8 hour island-wide tour of Singapore termed – Sambatida III: Samba Showdown, tag lined; “Would you groove for good?”.

In support of The Business Times Budding Artists Fund

Sambatida III (“tida” is the portuguese term for “beat”) is set to be a series of adrenaline pumping street performances, showcasing two distinct groups of drummers – the Samba Chicas and Masala Muchachoes. In a showdown of epic grooves and tunes, both groups will battle their way simultaneously in the eastern and western corners of Singapore before a final showdown at Orchard road all in the name of charity!

In appreciation of the arts and the love of giving back, all proceeds raised during the event will be donated to The Business Times Budding Artists Fund.

So, are you groovin' for good? 'Cos here at Samba Masala, we sure are.

Swing by one of these venues on Sunday to catch the Samba Showdown! 

Come groove with us, all in the name of charity!